Web Apps for Science

Modern research involves the generation of large amounts of data that require extensive processing to be usable. We create web applications to handle the collection, conversion, secure storage, visualisation, and distribution of your data, making it possible to go from measurements to results with no time wasted.

Custom built

Every research project is unique: different types of data inputs, reporting customisation, selective public availability, multiple visualisation needs. Trying to customize and maintain multiple existing tools is time consuming with no guaranteed results, while proprietary software will never address your exact needs.

We work closely with you to distill the requirements of an application and provide just what you need to use your data efficiently, using a single, intuitive interface.

On the shoulders of giants

Our work is based on open source projects, so that you can benefit from the collective efforts of diverse communities of experts. By relying on open source solutions you are not tied to proprietary implementations and data formats. Your data and code will be usable and manageable in the future years.

A complete service

We offer a total data management and visualization solution: guaranteed uptime, full administration, secure backups and on-demand CPU time for heavy calculations. If you already have the infrastructure, we can integrate our application seamlessly, with extensive documentation, training and support.

Code you can build on

Code, like knowledge, should be free to share. We deliver well written, easy to read code, so that you can use and adapt our work, building with your expertise on a well-founded basis.

Access anywhere

We emphasise on using modern web technologies to make full-featured, standards-compliant web applications. You can access and distribute your data securely, from anywhere, using nothing more than a device with a browser.


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